Yesterday was a big day. An article that I’ve been working on for months was accepted and published by Elephant Journal. This is a really personal piece so I took some time to consider how I wanted to share it with the World. Here on my blog alone just didn’t seem right.

I wanted to propel this one out, which was admittedly extremely scary and vulnerable. My palms were sweaty. I had to text my Mom and ask if I should share it and I didn’t want to, and she told me to go for it and it would be ok, so I did, and it was. Thanks Mom!

The feedback I’ve received overnight has been tremendous and I’m so, so happy that this piece has resonated with so many. People from my past life in clubs and dance music and so many other areas of my life have come out of the woodwork to share how they relate. The positivity is so energizing and inspiring. Proof that dance creates community.

I wanted to get this one out primarily because I’m worried for women. I’m worried for the stress we’re under, the insane standards we (and society) have set for us, the leaders who don’t understand how to lead us and the other women who don’t support or help others succeed. 

I wrote this piece because I’ve seen women do amazing things, and it had nothing to do with their job title or paycheck, but everything to do with their drive to do something to create change and bring joy, health and healing to others, in big or small ways.

I’ve worked with some amazingly talented people who flew under the radar with their greatness because there is a lot of shit working against them and not everyone wants the spotlight. I work in health and wellness and as much as this is an industry run by women it is also an industry inundated with really bad practices and in some cases men who don’t know how to manage us (not all men, and I’ve had my share of bad female managers too!).

The article was originally titled: “Off the Mat, Onto the Dancefloor” because my relationship with yoga is teaching me that being stuck on a square in a roomful of silent people who are stuck in their own heads, trying to burn calories so they look a certain way, or injuring themselves to get into a pose like their favorite insta yoga celebrity, may be keeping us stuck instead of opening us up. Don’t get me wrong, yoga is deeply engrained in me, but I’m worried about the future now that I’ve seen some of the leaders and some of the direction of growth.

Dancing has always taken me out of my head and forced me to be present. When I worked in clubs or went to parties I was able to fully express myself. The women I danced beside are powerful, creative and never apologized. They are fun, thoughtful and extremely loyal, they brought me a lot of joy in a lot of venues, on a lot of nights. I want to see more of that in my industry. I want to see women working together and growing together, not afraid to say no or ask for help. Not being made small. Not trying to be men or succeed based on the status quo, but instead owning who they are, powerful and strong and always embracing what’s ahead, while being grateful for the things that didn’t work out. Being positive when things get rough and dancing like our life and happiness depends on it.

Hope you get out and dance this week! THANK-YOU SO MUCH for reading and sharing <3


There are a few things that I can’t live without in my home, the first is plants, the second is candles! I have candles in every room and I’m always looking for the perfect combo of fragrance, non-toxic ingredients and long burn time, a trifecta that’s safe for humans and my furry babies, that smells great but doesn’t overdo it. In essence, a healthy candle. Sounds impossible, right?

Enter Locale58. A new candle company based in San Franciso. Co-founder (and super fierce chick) L. T,. reached out and asked if I’d like to try out one of her new candles and write about it. Ummm, yes, please! I was so excited to learn about Locale58’s new line of candles inspired by the West Coast that are made right here in California.

According to the site, the candles are hand poured by two friends (B + L) whose roots run “California deep”. The candles are made from 100% soy wax and come in scents that they feel truly represent different locations in California. L + B’s mission is to share their favorite West Coast spots with people worldwide. Pretty freakin’ awesome IMO!


I was sent a “San Francisco” candle that came in a super sweet cotton drawstring bag and I could smell it before I even took it out. The scent is deep and masculine, which I love, and is described as “clean and defined,” which it truly is!

The scent profile for the California candle is: 

High Notes: Cedar

Mid Notes: Tonka Bean (which I’d never heard of, read about it’s awesome smell profile here). 

Low Notes: Amber

I’ve burned the candle several times and it just keeps going, filling my large living room with warmth and a super inviting scent, perfect for Fall and cozy nights in.

ince I don’t always get to speak directly to the creators of products that I love I decided to do a little Q+A with Lexie to get the full scoop!

ME: I’m really getting into essential oils and their amazing benefits, are you using any essential oils in your candles? I’d love to hear more about what’s going into them–without giving away all of your secrets!

L: We are using a blend of fragrance oils, the equation to our candles is wax and a secret fragrance oil.. oh and some love too! 🙂

ME: What is it about the city of San Francisco that evoked these scents (cedar, tonka bean and amber) for you? 

L: When we started working on SF, we picture it would be burning in a San Francisco high-rise in a really industrial penthouse with lots of leather furniture, really cold air, crisp & clean. Primarily in a man’s flat. Hence, the masculine scent. 

ME: Why did you choose soy?

L: Soy Wax is a cleaner burning wax that emits no toxins, carcinogens and pollutants which help reduce risk of allergies. Soy wax also burns at a slower rate than traditional paraffin wax so you get to enjoy your candle 30-50% longer.

I can’t wait to try out the Newport Beach and Los Angeles scents next!


This weekend I turned 30 and I’m over the moon excited and so ready to enter this new decade. Not to put any pressure on it, but I have a strong feeling my 30’s are going to be more amazing than my 20’s could’ve ever hoped to be. I’m not sure why everyone is so scared to leave their 20’s? Frankly, I’ve found this past decade to be somewhat unnerving.  I mean you get out of school and everyone is like, ok, you studied something random for four years, now go and be a productive part of society, ok?!  I mean entering the workforce at exactly the moment the economy took a dive has been interesting, to say the least. Plus, apparently I’m a millennial, I get that now and am actually ok with it thanks to this new podcast, the most recent episode, ‘Screw it, I’m going outside,’ basically sums up my career path thus far.

Thirty feels like the age of wisdom, maybe the path will begin to become clear, maybe not, and that feels more ok. NOTHING IS A STRAIGHT LINE! I trust that every step I take and every person I meet is moving me in the right direction.

I have to say, though, when I wrote down everything that I accomplished in my 20’s I realized two things:

  1. I’m really hard on myself. It’s never enough. Why do we do this (ladies, I’m looking at you)?
  2. I actually accomplished a lot and I’m pretty proud of it.
  3. I spend too much time comparing and that is pointless!

30 events that have transpired and lessons I’ve learned in the last decade that have helped shaped me:

  1. Lived in NYC for five glorious years
  2. Worked in theatre in NYC and saw more shows than I can count
  3. Travelled to Spain and Tokyo on my own on my first big adventure that forever changed me
  4. Switched career paths and left theatre to find my calling in health and wellness
  5. Worked for several amazing companies including Wanderlust, Integrative Nutrition and now sweetgreen making friends for life and gaining amazing experience
  6. Met and married a really cool guy that I met in a night club through odd circumstances. The odds were probably against us, but I love him more than ever and we’ve been married five years in August!
  7. Got married in Montauk on the beach
  8. Travelled a ton with above mentioned dude and have had a million incredible experiences with him in Australia, Indonesia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Hawaii, Mexico and more states than I can count.
  9. Learned that travelling and experiences are the best things to spend money on
  10. Learned that obsessing over food gets you nowhere, balance is everything
  11. Became a health coach
  12. Quit smoking
  13. Lost my Grandma to cancer
  14. Moved coasts twice
  15. Welcomed my niece Anjali into the world
  16. Welcomed my baby sister August into the World and embraced my modern family
  17. Supported my Mom through recovery and my sister through pregnancy
  18. Went to Thailand to deepen my yoga practice and get certified
  19. Taught yoga at my home studio and others in Brooklyn
  20. Did the AIDS walk every year that I lived in NYC
  21. I actually get paid to write for amazing companies and people- what?!
  22. Built this blog and am writing for so many others that I don’t get to write here enough
  23. Wrote a musical about dance music culture
  24. Danced on stage at Red Rocks twice
  25. Danced on stages all over NYC and Denver
  26. Completed the full Landmark Education program
  27. Became a dog mama (twice!)
  28. Worked at Wanderlust festivals around the US and Canada, practiced with the greatest teachers and made the most amazing connections and friends
  29. Realized the importance of keeping the good people close and losing the ones that don’t build you up, inspire you and help you grow.
  30. Learned the importance of self-care!

This exercise of looking back was really powerful for me and a great reminder that we never give ourselves enough credit, never appreciate all of the work that we’re doing, all of the growth that we’re experiencing, all of the lives we’re impacting. Is every day perfect? No! Not by a long shot. Honestly, some days I want to just give up, I get worn out and anxious, I wonder what all of the hard work is for, but it’s coming, I know it is, and it’s so exciting to think about the possibilities.


In my 30’s I’d like to give back more, find a company that I can really grow with (or create my own), extend our family, become a gardener, spend more time with friends and so much more TBD…


Waxing is really unpleasant, if you’ve ever tried it you’re no stranger to the pain. If you haven’t, good for you, way to #embracethebush. I’ve been waxing on and off for many years, mostly because my skin is sensitive and razors are a no-go on my bikini zone, not mention, just like a mani/pedi hair removal is a necessity for bikini season and I love a good trip to the beach!

The thing about wax is it’s not a gentle method, at all. Regardless of whether your esthetician is using a hard or soft wax you’re going to experience some serious pain, redness and possibly blisters and bumps for at least 24 hours. Different salons use different methods, some preferring hard over soft wax, or vice versa, but it doesn’t really seem to matter and taking advil won’t help, sorry.

What is sugaring?

I was recently prompted by a health coach in Oakland to try sugaring for the first time and was curious to try it out when she told me it was a more natural alternative. After doing some research for this article I found that there really isn’t a lot of information out there about the process, which is weird because it’s been around since 1900 BC when the Persians started using it! Regardless, I was ready to give it a try. A quick Google search only brought up a few sugaring services in my area and I chose Yung who was totally amazing! Yung let me know that not many aestheticians use the sugaring method because it takes much longer to learn and making/using the paste isn’t nearly as straightforward as normal waxing methods. In fact, in France they go through two years of schooling just to learn it! Yung also said she did a lot of trial and error on friends and family before working on clients… brave souls.

The Process

After my first session, I can see why the price point is slightly higher–the whole process is much more bearable. So what’s the difference? First, sugaring paste is kind of like a blob of wax and the same piece is used for the whole session. It’s placed on one spot and then pulled in the same direction as hair growth, helping to fully remove the hair follicles. The session took a bit longer than my usual wax would, but that’s primarily because I was asking a million questions. Based on what I learned from Yung and my research it turns out there are a lot of reasons to try sugaring vs. waxing, here are a few:

  1. Cleaner ingredients: Wax is usually full of toxic ingredients like preservatives, resins and chemicals that can cause rashes and bumps, especially when used on sensitive skin. Sugaring paste, on the other hand, is generally made of just a few ingredients including water, sugar and lemon juice and may contain cornstarch, honey or molasses, with the worst ingredient I could find was guar gum.
  2. Less ingrown hairs: Sugaring removes dead skin cells helping prevent ingrown hairs from growing in. The sugar can also be used over the same place several times to ensure removal of small stubborn hairs that cause problems later. Finally, unlike wax, sugaring isn’t as likely to break the hair and cause it to get stuck under the skin.
  3. No sticky residue: Unlike wax, sugaring paste doesn’t contain resins that stick to skin and therefore won’t need to be removed with a chemical solvent (gross!). You’ll leave your sugaring appointment with no wax pieces leftover and skin will become calmer more quickly because the skin is less damaged.
  4. No Burns/Infections: Wax is often overheated and can result in burns and scarring to the skin, especially if it’s left on too long. Some women have also reported infections occurring in the bikini zone which happens when bacteria gets into open hair follicles. To top it off, wax is also often cross contaminated with bacteria because of double dipping. Since one blob of sugar is used for the entire sugaring session no contamination is possible, making the experience cleaner and producing less waste.
  5. Slower re-growth: Sugaring doesn’t require the hair follicle to be as long as it needs to be for waxing. Getting ‘sugared’ every three weeks for the first few treatments will help to extract the hair at it’s earliest growth phase, which can lead to permanent hair removal.
  6. Less Pain: Ok, there is still some pain, but I found sugaring a lot less intense. My waxer told me this is because she’s pulling smaller sections than traditional wax would. Alternatively, the sugaring paste seeps into the hair follicle, lubricating it and making extraction less painful, grabbing the hair from the root and quickly removing, with less disturbance to the skin.

I’m only a couple of weeks post my first sugaring experience, but so far I’m impressed. I have less ingrown hairs and my skin was much softer and less aggravated after. In just a few hours it was totally back to normal. Apparently, you can even make your own sugaring paste at home… I think I’ll let the pros handle it for now!  Have you tried sugaring? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


In case you haven’t noticed, rose is so hot right now, Pantone even named Rose quartz this year’s color of the year. While I don’t really care for pink or ever wear it due to my bright red hair color, I will admit that my bathroom counter is getting extremely crowded with rose oil beauty products. Rose has been used in beauty products for hundreds of years, dating back to the Greek and Romans who used rose petals in their baths, cosmetics, medicines and herbal remedies, but we’re really only just beginning to see the benefits of this super flower.

I’ve been using rose oil products on my skin for several months now and I’ve noticed a huge difference! I have acne prone skin and the antibacterial properties in rose help to keep bacteria at bay while also toning and moisturizing my skin all day and improving my skin tone. Rose is also known to help protect and repair skin from sun damage which I could definitely use after my years of tanning bed use. 

Here are some of my favorite natural rose products right now:

  1. Osmia Organics Rose Clay Facial Soap: With hydrating pink clay plus rose and geranium oils this soap creates an amazing lather, lasts forever and will leave your skin hydrated and smelling great!
  2. Acure Moroccan Argan Oil- Rose: This stuff has some serious super powers. I’ve tried a lot of oils and my skin reacts best to Argan, it’s the right mix of moisture and helps improve skin’s tone and texture, I’m obsessed. This one is awesome because it utilizes the healing and soothing powers of three potent botanicals: rose, lemongrass and geranium. Boom!
  3. Dr. Bronner’s Rose Soap: If you haven’t tried Dr. Bronner’s soaps you’re missing out. This Castile soap basically does it all, (and the bottle will tmi you all about it!) it’s super moisturizing and gentle enough for your face and body. The rose will tone skin while Castile soap is super moisturizing. The smell is really deep and nice to wake up to in the morning and lingers in the shower.
  4. Inflora Botanica Rosewater Mist: You can tell if you’re getting a really quality rose product because of the scent and deep amber color and this rosewater is the real deal. I happened to find this product while wandering around a little local holiday fair in Oakland and although I wasn’t in the market for skin products I’m so glad the sweet lady I spoke to convinced me to try it out.  I bought both the oil and mist and they work really well together because the mist helps the oil absorb into the skin. This product comes from Turkey where the roses are hand-picked and distilled in copper and the product is 100% organic. Added bonus: it’s also really inexpensive!
  5. Nectar Vital Rose Drop by Osmia Organics: I got this product in my first Beauty Heroes box and am loving this little super hero. It’s the second Osmia product on here because their stuff just rules, it’s so well formulated and really works. Adding a few drops of this oil makes your moisturizer or serum more powerful so a little bit goes a long way! The combo of rose and sandalwood in here is so lovely as well!
  6. doTERRA Rose Essential Oil: doTERRA oils are my fave and the rose is so lovely, everyone needs it in their oil arsenal! Rose oil has so many uses, you can add it to your favorite base oil like coconut, avocado, sesame, argan or whatever else you’re in to. As with the other products listed here the rose oil helps to balance moisture levels, even skin tone and heal imperfections and diffusing the oil can even promote feelings of vitality and energy in the am. Yes, please!

Do you use any rose products? What’s your favorite?


Last year I shared my Valentine’s gift guide from Cabo San Lucas Mexico, where I was warm and loving some quality time with my hubby! This year feels completely different, but also very special, I’m writing this from my amazing home in the Oakland hills, feeling a lot of love for life. I fallen in love with some new products this year and also have some old faves coming back in to my life. Check out the list below for the perfect gift for yourself or the special person in your life!

  1. Far Leaves Tea Gift Set ($80)The perfect gift for the tea lover (or tea novice) in your life. Far Leaves emphasis the art of tea and after one tasting with them I was hooked on their high quality and super flavorful teas. This amazing glass pot truly takes your tea game to the next level and the gift set is wrapped in a hand stitched tea towel, so dang cute! The Jasmine green tea is beyond potent so it’s a great option for those looking to avoid coffee but need that caffeine fix.
  2. Aritzia Faux Fur Vest ($50): Real fur is an obvious no-no in my book, who wants to wear cruelty on their body? Gross! That’s why I love this Aritzia faux fur vest. I bought it when the sale started after Christmas and now it’s even more discounted. This kind of reminds me of my raver days with the big hood but it’s (thankfully) much classier, sits at the perfect length and is the most beautiful color.
  3. W3ll People Gift Set ($75)I discovered this makeup line about a year ago and I’ll never look back. WP foundations and lip glosses come in lots of tones and last all day! They’re now selling the line in Target stores too, YES!!
  4. Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap ($24)This amazing Colorado created soap came in to my life about four months ago and I absolutely love it! As I’ve mentioned before I’m done treating my skin like crap with chemicals and other toxic ingredients and now I’m all about simplicity. This soap combines Black Australian Clay and Dead Sea Mud that tones, cleanses and nourishes skin without over drying. The bar is tiny so it’s easy to travel with but lasts forever! This company is going to make big waves!
  5. Marisa Mason Summer land Earrings ($115)Because I love summer and gold, these are clearly a must have. These can be dressed up or dressed down and will make a boring outfit pop!
  6. Matt & Nat Central Bordeaux Wallet ($70): I’ve loved Matt & Nat since my days of working in retail. The company has been around for a long time and the quality and design of their products has continued to grow year over year. Every bag and wallet is 100% vegan and the company is serious about ethics and sustainability. No animal products are used in their designs, instead, they use recycled nylon, cork and rubber.

If all else fails, check out these insanely cute (and funny) cards.


Remember The Wonder Years theme song about getting help from your friends? I love the premise of that song, we all need guidance sometimes and lately I’ve been feeling like a little support may be just what the doctor ordered. Afterall, I have some super exciting stuff going on and really feel that I’m closer than ever to my calling, but sometimes the messages are unclear and my energy scattered. My brain is often super busy questioning if I’m on the right track and doing what I “should be” doing. Sound familiar? If not, please share your secrets! Anyways, I shared this feeling with my friend Emily at brunch recently. Emily is a manager at Lululemon and an amazing life crafter, goal-setter, manifester type chick, who sent me the name and phone number of a woman named K who does spirit readings. K only corresponds via text until your phone call, which I found to be at first since my job is to market health and wellness and I can’t imagine having just referrals create a business, umm, wow! But, after setting up my appointment (2 weeks out) I thought, ok, this chick must be doing something right.


I’d consider myself a dabbler in the spiritual world. I’ve worked with coaches, done crystal skull healing in Mexico, numerology, tarot cards and I draw Art of Attention cards daily. However, there is still so much out there that I haven’t tried so I couldn’t wait to learn more about those forces around me that “have my back”, so to speak.

The entire week leading up to my reading I was so excited for it, I had a great feeling and was energized by the experience. Thursday was a busy day and I just barely made it home in time to pick up the phone and call K, but when she picked up I immediately felt relaxed,  in tune and focused; K is soft, warm and lighthearted with a really genuine laugh. We started by breathing together to ground ourselves in the present moment and then she asked me to say my name out loud three times and start thinking about my life and questions that I have, but not to say them out loud as she wants to gather the information from the reading. As usual, my brain was flooded with a million thoughts, mostly future focused and probably largely fear based. I thought of my husband and my dogs, my career and our lovely new life in Oakland as well.

Loud sound in the background– cards being shuffled. K asked me to tell her when to stop. I barely had to think and said, ‘now,’ I was sure.

K began talking, a lot, and really fast. I was writing furiously, I’m a chronic note taker. She said the spirits were very active and had a lot to share, she seemed to be having two conversations. One with me, and one with them. She said there was a sadness around my heart, a sense of loss, a scattered energy. Hmmm. She said it’s not a person, but maybe a place, a home, people. Looking too much in the past. Yep, that’s NYC. I guess I am still mourning my loss of that home and all of the inspiration I left there.

She spoke of my marriage; ‘you’re both looking in the same direction’, that’s good! 

And the most poignant part of the call was on the second shuffle of the deck when she spoke of my purpose. This was it, what I really wanted to know. I’m here to share knowledge, to teach, and do so through a creative outlet which has always been dance, cooking and especially writing. She said this calling will eventually bring me money!( What?! For real? Great!) She continued–You are a story weaver, a creator, and have a great piece of work inside of you. She said, ‘The spirits say this year you will get your wish, but you’ll need to plan for it and I see a lot of work in your future!” At this point I’m totally on-board and excited– “yes, ok, great, amazing!” Finally, she says, you’ll encounter bumps, but your guides want to remind you that you’re EXACTLY where you need to be. Who doesn’t need to hear that from time to time?


Another fascinating part of the reading is being introduced (unless you’re lucky enough to be tapped in already) to your spiritual guides and angels. K said, “we call them angels because we envision them protecting us, wrapping their wings around us, we can relate to that imagery, but really, I don’t see wings, I see energy, they wrap us in energy”. I did further research after and read another definition that resonated: ‘ Spirit Guide is a non-physical entity that is usually seen as the higher self, an angel, a highly evolved being or group of higher beings, their main purpose is to help protect the individual, assist in spiritual development or even provide a source of inspiration.” Pretty cool, right?

K described my spirit guides to me and my primary guide, the one that was most present during the reading had a male presence, although “spirits are sexless”, she added. K told me my guides were adamant that I wasn’t asking for help enough, “but I didn’t even know I could,” I protested”! She advised me to start asking in small ways, to build the muscle so to speak. Ask for a parking spot, ask for advice on a tough decision, ask for a miracle! Done and done.

This call was personal, moving and emotional, she said things about my future, my husband and my possibilities that moved me and held so much truth. During and after the call I felt a strange vibration and excitement, like I was winning the lottery, and I still feel that way a few days later. Some parting words of advice I received were, “Let your path unfold, get quiet, focus on the third chakra (the source of power, self-esteem, transformation), breath and get calm to hear the answers within you, listen to your deep intuition, because it is in you.” My spirits insist that there is never a right time to take a leap, so you just have to go for it, do it and trust. We are all here for a specific purpose, we have a contract to fulfill and it’s so important that we each go for it!  She said, “when you’re doing what you’re meant to do it will just flow out of you”.  Funny, I wrote this piece like my hands were on fire. I feel good, alive and reaffirmed in my mission to spread the love, light and wisdom in whatever ways I can. 


Thanks to E.B. for introducing and offering this end of year practice. I recommend everyone try this, it’s felt very liberating getting these words out and saying goodbye to the good and the bad!  

Dear 2015,

Before we say goodbye I want to thank-you for everything that you have been and everything that you have not. This has been a year of change and opening, learning, feeling alone and embracing a new life. You’ve asked me to find growth and accept change in new ways, starting with a cross country move from NYC to Berkeley. Leaving friends and a life that was invigorating and inspiring, but draining and ripe for change was a sudden and intense experience.

You forced me to help my family in a time of need, mourn the loss of two people close to me, not just through death, but also separation, which often feels worse. Alternately, you allowed me to welcome in health and light for my Mom and be with her through an amazing transformation.

On the West coast you’ve put me through the ringer and asked me to truly consider what the work is that I’m after and that will feed my heart and soul, I’m still on that path, but my writing truly lights me up and I got to do so much of it this year; meeting new people, writing for amazing brands and entrepreneurs, stretching my skills and giving me some time to enhance my own blog and clarify my work.

You gave me my dream home in the hills surrounded by nature where I can really let my mind wander and get great sleep. You’ve given me new friends and re-connected me with a few oldies that I’m so glad to have near me!

2015, you’ve asked me to be ok in extreme change and it’s been really hard and uneasy, but I know this is something that I’ve needed to work on for some time. Fortunately, I have the best partner anyone could ask for and this year has been one of hard truths and growth for us as well as we learn more about one another and discover what nearly a decade of togetherness looks like and who we want to be as a pair and individually.

You’ve also allowed me to rescue the sweetest little being I’ve ever met, a 6-lb Chihuahua named Bernadette who has brought me so much joy and love I can’t even describe it. I feel my love and dedication to animals growing non-stop and I truly desire to commit myself to helping bring change for them next year. 

You took me on so many adventures I can’t even count. Not only in this big move but also around the World to BerlinCabo San Lucas, Whistler, NYC, LA, Australia, Colorado, Calistoga and more. You’ve kept Wanderlust in my life literally and figuratively and staying in that community has meant so much and I know I’m not meant to be still. 

2016 is a year of expansion, not staying in something that doesn’t resonate, continuing to find my true path and staying present throughout the ups and downs. Feeling less constriction in change and being open energetically to what may come, continuing to strengthen my body and settle my mind through an ever changing yoga practice.

Thanks for everything 2015, you’ve been real but it’s time to move on. Goodbye 2015.

All my love,



It’s hump day and therefore a perfect day for a product review! I’m so excited to share GIVESCENT today! It’s no secret that I love essential oils and smelling pretty so I’ve been on a journey in the last few years to find a smell that a) lasts b) smells good c) isn’t full of nasty crap like every other perfume out there. I’ve mentioned a couple of my favorites in past posts, but today I’m talking about a new find from super woman duo, Elena B and  Alexandra L P in NYC. The scents were conceived during Brower’s time in Italy, and her desire to capture and recreate the experience, the pace, and especially the lovely smells. Through some tinkering in their kitchen GIVESCENT was born. As a travel lover, I think this product is genius because all of the places I’ve visited leave a strong scent memory with me and I would LOVE to recreate each one, especially my honeymoon in Bali, don’t get me started.

To add to the #fierce factor of these scents, each purchase supports women’s organizations like Every Mother Counts and Women for Women International.

Let’s talk first about how the order arrives in a super cute hand stamped little reusable bag (great for traveling with jewelry btw), and some info about the product. Very simple, but elegant, featuring Browers signature bright whites ( she’s the reason I own a pair of white yoga pants but I can’t wear them because of the 100% chance of spilling immediately).

The signature scent is described as “a captivating blend of sun-ripened citrus and spicy vanilla inspired by the first sultry summer days in Italy.” Ummm, yes please!

GIVESCENT is free of alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and sulfates and Cruelty free. Ah-mazing!

I’ve been wearing the scent for about a week straight and I can honestly say it’s magical. It wears much more like a perfume than the other oils I’ve tried, in fact, I’ve found less is more with this one which is nice because even the tester will last forever!

My only wish is that the next scent be Asia inspired. Ladies, I’d like to put in a request for that!

Look for other reviews coming soon including Nourish Snacks and Adina G’s new book: Skin Cleanse!

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*disclaimer- GIVESCENT provided me with this product to sample and write about, but of course these opinions are my own.