I bought my first jar of coconut butter at the local farmers market over the weekend and I’m totally hooked! I’ve been obsessed with coconut oil for years now and have almost stopped using olive oil altogether for cooking as it actually goes rancid in high heat, yikes! The flavor of coconut butter is slightly sweeter than coconut oil and it has a really nice, buttery consistency. Another thing I didn’t realize is that that coconut is a nut a tree and a seed. Therefore, it could be considered a nut butter but people with nut allergies rarely react negatively as they would with peanut or almond butters.

So how is Coconut butter made? Basically, it’s pure coconut flesh placed into a really strong food processor or blender and pureed into a thick and creamy consistency. The benefits are pretty awesome too! Coconut butter is low on the glycemic index due to its high fiber content,  high in protein and a good healthy portion of fat. Coconut also contains lauric acid, which has antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting properties. According to pediatricians, Lauric acid is one of the predominant fats in human breast milk and when fed to babies will help them build up natural immunities. So basically, it’s the bomb!

While I could eat this stuff right off of a spoon, I decided to check out some other alternative ways to nom it up. Here are five:

  1. Use in place of flour or butter for baking.
  2. Add to Oatmeal to up your filling fats and a touch of sweetness.
  3. Spread it! On a brown rice cake, sprouted bread or a tortilla.
  4. Use it in a curry.
  5. Add to a smoothie.

 Here are a few yummy recipes to try out from some healthy foodies:

Coconut Butter Pancakes by Holistically Engineered 

Paleo Coconut Butter Balls Dipped In Dark Chocolate by Paleo Living Magazine

Coconut Curry Sauce by GirlsGoneStrong


I’m all about celebrating love all year long, not just one day per year, but if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift here are a few fun ideas:

1. Saint Clare Jewelry– I bought my first, and definitely not last, Saint Clare necklace at Wanderlust last year and absolutely fell in love with every single piece. Needless to say, it took me three days to decide which to buy, I wanted them all!

2. Gnosis Chocolate– Raw chocolate. No further explanation needed!

3. The Paris Wife– I just finished reading this book while on the beach and it’s a beautiful glimpse into the deep love of Ernest Hemingway and his first wife. Sad ending (spoiler, sorry) but a really, really, lovely story of Parisian glamour as well.

4. Gray Malin Art– I cannot get enough of Gray Malin’s work. I saw it on another blog and TOTALLY fell in love! I’ve been lucky to visit many of the places in his photos and each takes me back to the trip in such a unique way. Can’t wait to get my first piece (hint, hint, hubby) in our new house in Oakland!

5. Curandera Love Potions– I wear the white amber daily now and it’s divine, but I’d love to try out this self-love perfume as well!

6. Raw Coconut Oil Massage- When I was in Thailand the massage therapists used raw coconut oil for massage and it was heavenly! The great thing about coconut oil is it can do everything! I keep a gigantic tub of it around for sunburn, moisturizer, hair treatment, cooking, and everything in between. Trust me, this is really the swiss army knife of Vday gifts!

7. TUMI Luggage– My husband has been into TUMI since before I met him and I’ve seen how well it holds up. Totally worth the investment if you love to travel!


Close to 4 years ago I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and my own life and health changed forever. Before finding this course I still smoked, usually daily, I had no idea how to eat in a way that would make me feel great, or how to take care of myself and find balance. About halfway through the year-long program I attended one of the live conferences in California with my sister C and we were both blown away by the people who spoke there and how huge an impact they were each making on the World through their work as healers, chefs, entrepreneurs, coaches, etc.

After the conference, on the drive to Santa Barbara, C and I talked about how we wanted to use this education. I was very excited to try corporate wellness and help companies keep their employees happy and healthy and also to do something that I had always loved, but didn’t previously feel very empowered to do, share information through my writing. C, on the other hand was interested in coaching one on one and working with women. So what does all of this have to do with changing the name of my site? Well, as C and I  talked about our vision for changing people’s lives we also brainstormed business names. The words fresh and fierce really stuck out to me and we wrote them down that day. I ended up choosing a more city-centric name since I was working in NYC, but I still called my blog ‘Fresh & Fierce’ because I loved the words so much. Finally, I’m in a new city and have become clear that writing is my passion and my calling and I need to write, maybe full time, maybe as a hobby, but this site will now be dedicated to that love and passion for sharing information.

These two words merge together two awesome ideas; living a healthy life and feeling awesome doing it, here’s what I mean:

Fresh- Food, ideas, destinations, and inspiration.

Fierce- There are a few definitions, but I like this one, ‘showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.‘ Believing in who you are and sharing that with the World.

I will still be offering my coaching and yoga teaching services, but also want to make this a place for learning, conversation, and creation first and foremost. Hope you’ll join me here often!

In honor of my new name, I’d also like to start a new tradition with the first ‘Fierce list’. Today’s list is dedicated to Women in Wellness that I admire for their amazing work. These chicks are FRESH and FIERCE, and I feel so lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to work with them:

1) Sasha Yoga + Wellness– S is like my other twin sister. We have the same likes and dislikes, both do some serious asana and love sun and sand. S is also one of the most dedicated yogis I know, she loves to share her wisdom and run around NYC teaching a million classes a week. She’s a one of a kind unicorn.

2) BeWellWithArielle– My first day working at IIN I noticed two things 1) there were a ton of beautiful confident women there and 2) everyone was wearing really cool rings and necklaces with a silver heart and a pearl in the center. I tracked down the source and purchased myself an i love me ring from A’s collection, she let me walk around with it on and make sure it was the right fit, both spiritually and literally. A is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. She has a huge warm smile and takes her work very seriously. She is now a superstar, doing cooking shows on Glamour and helping the planet learn to cook easy and healthy food.

3) Bananas and Bellinis– My sweet friend K is one of those people that you can tell anything, is super warm, and friendly and will always make you smile. Her site is dedicated to those that want to be good but also a little bad. She’ll help you find the right balance of both and have a great time doing it.

4) Whole Foodie Booty S is amazing at so many things. She cooks, she coaches, she plans. If I had to plan another wedding (please no, never again), I’d ask S. She’s a serious do-er and a great friend.

5) 8020 Wellness– When I started my work in corporate wellness I literally googled coaches in NYC and L popped up. I called her and we’ve been friends ever since. She is a fitness and wellness rockstar, helping companies and individuals feel and look awesome. She is also an amazing friend and committed to bringing great women together.

6) Blair Badenhop  I’d describe B as a Jill of all trades. She was my boss for part of my time at IIN, running a large part of the company with ease and grace and I learned a ton from her! She’s now branched out on her own to write, coach, and inspire people to fall in love with their lives. Pretty freakin’ cool.

7) Lemon Stripes– The day I met Julia I thought, I want to grow up and be like this girl. J get’s shit done in a serious way and she is so transparent and straight forward that you trust her instantly. She’s also tremendously talented and runs one of the most popular fashion blogs out there. She’s always sure to throw in some wellness as well. I don’t know much about fashion, but I always trust J to tell me what is in and out.

8) Crop Tops and Kale– Created by three of the coolest chicks I know, Crop Tops and Kale gives a serious (but lighthearted) look at fitness, food, health, fashion, and feeling good. More ‘F’ words that I love!! D, L, and B are all super talented and I have a feeling this will be everyone’s go-to site for useful information in the very near future.

9) Stephanie Morish– S and I attended Yoga Teacher Training together last year in Thailand and became fast friends. She is one of those people that you just immediately get along with and will be your friend for life. S is passionate about Ayurveda and cooking to maximize health and has become seriously educated around both topics. I’ve learned a ton from her, including how to make some amazing Kitchari!

10) Goddess Glow Wellness– M is a sparkly little Grecian with a heart of gold. She offers great advice, health coaching and is a fellow adventurer. Check out her blog and enjoy a ton of fun and thoughtful advice weekly!

11) Living Body Wellness– D is super smart and creative, works full time, and has two kids; she knows a thing or two about creating balance.  She is an amazing writer and has been coaching women for a long time. Having worked with D I can say that she won’t quit until the job is done and always has a million ideas. Check out her pretty new site for tons of great articles focused on health, inspiration, and family.

Thanks for all the amazing inspiration ladies, keep up the #fierceness!


Interviewing is not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to see why some people stay in jobs that they hate for so long. After all, the process of finding a new one, if you’re being strategic and mindful about it, is beyond challenging. I envy anyone with the sheer willpower to just let go and have no attachment around the outcome, but I haven’t met that person yet!

I’m in a strange new city, looking for a job in weird time of year. The good news, there is a ton of opportunity. The bad news, it can take awhile to unearth from the thousands of job boards and networking conversations; some companies move quickly, others do not. I’m past the point of taking any job offered simply because the economy sucks and I have no experience, and that is an awesome feeling! I have some amazing experience under my belt now thanks to the companies I worked with in NYC and I want to find the right fit, something that I can stick with for the long run, that helps me grow and that I can positively contribute to the growth of. Sounds like a cover letter, don’t get me started…

That being said, it’s still a rough process and I’ve done a ton of research and want to share a few recommendations to hopefully keep you from totally freaking out and losing your cool. Afterall, I know best of all that if you’re a person that attempts to stay balanced this can be a rough time.

Let’s talk for a minute about energy.  Energy is the output of your efforts, and while you job hunt there is a lot of energy expended, both mentally and physically. I remember when I used to be an actor and right before the curtain rose, no matter how tired I was, suddenly I had the energy of a 3-year old and I could do anything. After the show I was still buzzing and then eventually crashed. Interviewing is much like this. It takes a ton of focus and endurance to research, then go to an interview and convince strangers that you are a good fit. When you’re done the high kind of wears off and it’s back to the drawing board.  My advice? Attempt to keep energy from flying out of control, avoiding huge swings when possible. When the body senses this stress and anticipation it can be very draining to the central nervous and endocrine system. Check out this graphic from Healthline for full scope of stress on the body.

Try: Meditate and or exercise daily. Make the time for breathe and movement for at least 15 minutes, starting your body in neutral, rather than immediately jumping in, answering emails and scheduling the day will give you a jump on the stress.

Don’t take it personally– It can be so hard to disconnect the opportunity from yourself. My husband  gave me this advice, he’s the king of not taking it personally. He can brush stuff off like no one I’ve ever met, and as a result, he creates great opportunities and moves on from those that don’t happen, even if he’s put a lot of energy in.

Try: We often have no control of what’s happening on the other end with potential employers, things can change in a second, resources are cut, roles shift, etc. While you can’t control everything that happens in the process, J of, recommends writing down what you can control. Maybe you can reach out to someone at your dream company through another friend or contact, learn more ways to use Linkedin to help in the job search or take a Udemy course to gain a skill that you may not currently have.

Continue to live– Don’t drive yourself crazy with 24 hour stress around the job hunt. I have days that are amazing and I’m inspired and days that I concede that I will never find the perfect job (lol, really??). Sending 30 resumes a day is not conducive to good work or sanity. Keep it in perspective, enjoy weekends and take breaks. Just think, this may be the only time off you get for awhile, might as well enjoy it!

Try: I read somewhere (sorry person who said this) that it’s best to take 3 days off for every 30 days of job hunting it’s best to take time off to reset and allow the body, mind and job boards to reset so you’ll be ready to get back to work when you return.

Learn something– Take this time to dive in deeper to something that you are passionate about or feel would aid you in getting your dream role.

Try: Check out Udemy for a ton of awesome online courses. I’ve been working on an awesome Copywriting course and a yoga course with Sadie Nardini, so much fun!

Be clear on what you want– This may be the hardest one, especially for the mindful among us. We want to help the World, we want to make an impact, but we’d also like to make enough money to eat organic food. Be clear on what your minimum is and let it go if that isn’t met. Ladies, I’m talking to you especially, I’m not a feminist, but my work experience thus far makes me think that the income disparity between sexes is a real thing and it’s important that we ask for what we want. Don’t know what you want yet? That’s ok, no one fully does, but don’t get to far afield from the skills and passion that you possess.

Try: Research and ask others in the same field what there experiences have been, what their salary range is and what skills you may need to add.

Don’t be afraid to reach out- Ok, I’ll admit I’m pretty ballsy when it comes to communicating. I’m not afraid to ask for favors and even cold call on Linkedin, and it’s proving to work in my favor. Think of it this way, what is the worse thing that can happen? Someone may say no, or not reply? Oh well, move on! No one will find you if they don’t know you’re out there!

Try: This tip also relates to reaching out to people you know and trust to give advice and possible talk you off the ledge. I’ve worked with amazing career and life coaches who can really be an excellent support system and are totally worth the investment! I highly recommend my coach Jeanne, check her out!

Don’t compare! Oh the dreaded comparison game. Just don’t do it! You are you and they are not you, so why bother comparing. Take your path and stick with it, don’t look side to side.

One final note, The Muse has been an amazing resource for me! They provide a ton of content for job seekers and beyond in a really well curated format. Seriously so good, check it out!

That’s all for now. Hang in there job hunting friends and try to stay sane, stay positive, drink water, and get outside! Find the job of your dreams and never settle!

P.S. Can I please share how excited I am that its January and I’m in a sleeveless top hiking through amazing forests (see photo above for proof)??!!