This week has been crazy and awesome and all over the place! My husband and I just returned from a trip to Mexico, which inspired this post, and moved into our new house in the Oakland hills. Plus, I’ve been writing, writing, writing for multiple projects and time flies by! All is well here in sunny California.

Having just taken a trip to Cabo San Lucas last week I was inspired to create a post all about my favorite food group, Mexican food! Most of the people I know love it too, it’s like a prerequisite for being my friend, jk (sort of). Mexican food is comforting and reminds me of good times and warm weather. Growing up in Colorado, we mainly had the greasy, heavy, trans-fat laden variety and then in NYC most restaurants served more upscale versions featuring fancy fish tacos and guacamole made at your table. When I cook Mexican food, however, I like it fresh and clean, showing off the flavors by not hiding them in heavy sauces, cheese and creams. In honor of that style, here are a few links to some of my favorite Mexican-inspired recipes. Next week I’m really excited to share some details from our trip with fun beach pics, what we ate, and something awesome that we saw while we were in Cabo, stay tuned!

 Healthified Avocado Fries– The panko in these lightens up the texture and they are quick and easy to whip up! I would personally skip the ranch dressing cause, what is it??!! But otherwise these are as fresh as can be!

Vegetable and Goat Cheese Quesadilla I can’t even handle how good these look. Goat cheese is one of my very favorite foods and for many it’s easier to digest than cows milk, less processed, and contains fewer scary ingredients.

 Baked Chicken and Black Bean Tacos This recipe is very similar to my own chicken or turkey tacos. Combine free-range meat, soaked black beans, guacamole, salsa, and jalapenos inside a brown rice tortilla, and you have very happy dinner guests!

Cauliflower Rice Fish Taco Bowls– This recipe is next level awesome. I normally use brown rice or quinoa in my bowls, but this recipe calls for ‘cauliflower rice,’ what?!  Yes, that is a real thing AND it’s easy to make. To top it all off, this mango salsa looks to die for! This is a strong contender for dinner next week.

Fresh and Easy Guacamole– What Mexican recipe roundup would be complete without Guacamole? News flash, the days of the seasoning packet are over fellow guac aficionados. Keep the flavors intact with very simple ingredients and ingredients like this recipe uses. Nothing fake, just straight up guac goodness.

Quinoa Enchilada Casserole– If I had to guess my husband’s favorite food on the planet (and he’s pretty predictable at this point) it would be enchiladas. Usually they’re too heavy and sauce-drenched for me, however, this quinoa casserole is the answer to my enchilada prayers. I’ve made this one before and can honestly say that it’s the bomb! You will not be disappointed or miss the pounds and pounds of tortillas used in traditional enchilada recipes.

Happy cooking and hope you have a great weekend!

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