Let’s create something tasty!

A great writer is someone that can take complex information and make it interesting, fun to read and informative. I try to focus my work on this idea. Provide excellent communication and quick responses to help your company create the best content possible. I’ve been writing freelance for several years now and have six years of experience in marketing, email marketing, social media and blogging. I understand technology and am up to date on all the lingo! I specialize in creating health and wellness, yoga, running, fitness and food content but also write about travel and other topics. I’ve written for blogs, healthy product sites, and top wellness publications. I love taking on new challenges and using my voice to share new and unique ideas.


Whether you need an extra set of eyes on an e-mail blast, survey, book chapter, or blog post, I’ll make sure you don’t lose your unique voice but also ensure that you’re conveying things in a correct and clear, web-friendly way.


If you need original content like blog posts or have ideas that you want a ghostwriter to flesh out a little more, I’ve got you covered! I’m experienced in developing a range of content: how-to documents, interviews, social media posts, and more. I’m also comfortable researching topics to get the information I need to write clear content.


Depending on your needs, we’ll figure out whether it’s best to charge per hour, estimate a flat fee for the project, or work out a retainer agreement for ongoing services. Send me an email now so we can start talking!

 Check out some examples of my work below or read my blog.


“Workers in the United States are putting in more hours than anyone else in the industrialized world.” 

Many of us work 40+ hours per week, often wishing we were European and could take 3 weeks off to refresh mentally and physically.  We fuel our bodies with caffeine and sugar just to make it through the day, at the end of which we run to a bar and have a drink just to come down off of all of these stimulants. The result? Poor sleep, obesity, lack of energy, emotional problems and general bodily discord. These problems are all preventable! With many employers stepping up and creating more healthy company cultures more employees than ever are taking better care of themselves. The result? Better performance at work, less sick days, more employee satisfaction, teams that work together, and an office that is working towards a common goal: feeling awesome everyday!

Below are some program ideas. These are all fully customizable based on the needs of your employees and size of your company.  I would love to create a Wellness Program unique to your company’s employees and their specific needs and goals. All sessions will be informative and entertaining and employees will be offered incentives for attending. The key to success is a mix of rewards and education! I will make small changes that will result in big changes in your employees!


  • Beat the Sugar Blues
  • Stress Management
  • Office Relaxation Techniques
  • Cooking? What’s That?!
  • Eating for Energy
  • Walking Meetings (inspired by Steve Jobs)
  • Staying Healthy While Traveling

Kitchen Rehab

  • Think your employees only want empty carbs and jars of candy? Think again!
  • Vending machines (Out with the junk, in with superfoods!)
  • Team lunches- promote a break during the work day
  • Meeting food menu creation to ensure attendees are still paying attention at the end, not asleep


  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Dance Breaks!
  • Stretch Breaks
  • Fitness Fridays, wear your workout gear to the office

One-on-One Coaching

  • Frequency is up to you, I will be available on- site to provide private coaching sessions for employees.

Health Competitions

  • Healthy snack no-cook off


  • Providing healthy tips weekly
  • Presenting new concepts in an quick read format

If any of these services sound tasty to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!